More abandoned railroad tracks. I’m rapidly growing fond of the two-toned look, and might experiment with it a bit more. It spices up the black and white a bit… might tone down the saturation though.

I felt like the whole series of pictures from this shoot were representative of my own personal style. It felt like I had a “look” that was consistent. I might not upload all of them, and I promise they weren’t all trippy colors like this. (Most were black and white!) But it felt like my work, and that’s a very cool and rewarding feeling to have.

I have plenty more to learn and more experience to get, but I do think I’m improving and getting more of what I want.

ISO 100, f/3.2, 1/1250.

Funny thing: I read that, thought, “Why would I set the aperture so low?”, looked at it again, and realized I wanted the far foreground to be slightly out of focus. A couple years of forcing myself to shoot manual, and now it seems like it pays off. First world problem – what do I do with the exposure lock button? 🙁