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About Me

My name’s Luke, and I’m from the Southern California area. In between digital marketing and web development, I enjoy photography.

I created this website (and others) to showcase my work, track my progress, and get some feedback. As I’ve been greatly helped by sources online, I’ll try to make note of what I’ve learned and how I’ve done things right (and wrong).

High-resolution images of all pictures on this site are posted and easily available for download, so you can use them as wallpapers. Please ask before you use them anywhere else! There’s a handy form right here for you.

Images are never Photoshopped, but they are frequently post-processed. This means I used software like Adobe Lightroom 4 to adjust exposure, contrast, and colors – but unless otherwise noted, this will be for relatively minor changes. It’s like cleaning your house for company – it’s better than it looked originally, but it’s still really your house.

I love to receive questions or feedback. Thank you for visiting!