Return of the T1i! Old picture, I was in Vegas this weekend and didn’t have time to go out and take pictures.

And yes, most of these pictures are very recent. If I just wanted to show off my best, I’d upload ten pictures and call it a day. I’m trying to keep at 3 a week so that I always have to challenge myself to go out and get something new and interesting.

Took a bit of post-processing to get this one how I liked it, I originally overexposed it by a decent chunk trying to get a big wave right as it crashed. But if you’re looking through my pictures, you know me and my high-impact contrast pictures…


ISO 400, 116mm, f/5.6, 1/1600th. But this was badly done, should have had ISO 200 or maybe even 100.

And since it’s relevant – Lightroom settings:

– a tiny bit exposure
+ a lot of contrast
– some highlights
+ some shadows
– a lot whites
– all blacks

Converted to B&W and rotated a tiny bit.