Went out shooting pictures at sunset on the beach, felt like I got a good number of keepers! Though I normally like carrying a wider angle, I was surprised how much I kept my 70-200mm lens on. I have a feeling that my usual kit will be a 35mm lens and the 70-200, since I normally like the bottom end of that for portraits (On the crop sensor of my T1i, that would end up being the equivalent of about 115mm+).

Can’t wait for my new camera to arrive, though. I’m really excited for it. Got a new bag, and business cards, and I’m pretty much set!

And very poor. That too.

I also got a parking ticket for leaving my car past 8AM on the meter. I was sitting in front of my car talking with my friend about where we were going after. Sneaky bastards got me with my back turned, literally feet from my car.

So it goes.

ISO 400, 70mm, f/5.6, 1/2500th