I’ve made a lot of progress so far! This is a fairly new website, but it’s certainly currently functional.

Done So Far

  • Registered domain
  • Added to hosted account
  • Created SQL database
  • Uploaded and installed WordPress
  • Installed WordPress theme, began customizing
  • Linked to Fotomoto for prints
  • Began to add content, made watermark
  • Reworked theme CSS file to achieve desired results
  • Re-uploaded all content to fit new theme size requirements
  • Found better theme (of course)
  • Reset website to newer theme, and began customization
  • Created logo
  • Updated watermark to new logo design
  • Installed extra plugins to enhance features

That said, I still have some things to do…


To Do List

  • Fullscreen gallery for images, complete with EXIF data display
  • Streamlined print-purchasing process (with tested results)
  • Implement more viewer interaction (comments and RSS)
  • More content!

I mostly am doing this for my own experience and fun, but I’m really enjoying it right now – even if there is a lot of work that goes into this (and my other websites!)

Feedback, as always, is appreciated.