I was really happy with this! Ended up being a total accident, but still.

It was raining hard outside and I thought I’d go outside and try taking pictures with the flash. (I have a Canon Speedlight 430EX II.)  I was getting some raindrops, nothing too interesting. I also tried taking a picture looking down the path of my roof to get all the water running off it, but it wasn’t anything too interesting.

I then had the bright idea of running out into the rain and shooting a picture straight up… I do have a nasty habit of taking my camera into the rain, now that I think about it.

What surprised me was the colors. I had gotten water on my lens, and I think it caused some odd refractions that resulted in a wide collection of colors, not just white dots. I was like a giddy little schoolgirl, running out into the rain then back under shelter, looking at my camera, and laughing maniacally.

My lens collected a couple drops of water that kinda resembled a face – you can see this in each dot above, but the cool part was the location of the raindrop affected the reflection of the “face,” so all the little ghosts are looking at the same spot!

Never would have guessed that a flash in the rain would be colorful. Here’s another one I got, too:


Raindrops with flash, looks like colorful space.