A friend of mine wanted to have some fun with photography, using an old film camera. I kinda want to use a film camera myself, it seemed like such a different feel from digital – even if it lacks the instant gratification.

We went to a local barbershop and the guy there was kind enough to invite us in after he saw us playing around with cameras. Really cool place, they got the chairs from old barbershops in the bay area. He said one was about a hundred years old – and still being used. Ain’t that something?

If you google “street photography” it’s like there’s an unspoken rule that it has to be black and white. This isn’t always true, but I think that’s part of the style and it’s something that gives a distinct look and feel.

For me, black and white makes you focus more on composition than color. I like this, as it’s something that I could use lots more practice with. Sometimes I’ll see something and I just know how I want to do it – other times it seems like there’s something incredible in front of me but I’m totally unable to get it in a JPG.

I loved this one right away, and took it about knee height. I felt right away that it was something I had to get from that angle.