About Me

Hello! I’m Luke, and I’m a hobbyist photographer from Southern California.I created this website to showcase my work, track my progress, and hopefully get some useful feedback.

For me, photography is a way to practice appreciation for beautiful moments. There is beauty in our everyday lives, and having the time and patience to appreciate it isn’t always easy. We may pass beautiful things every day without recognizing them. The more you look for them, the more you will see. Photography helps me find joy in the everyday.

I aspire for my pictures to be playful and optimistic, reflecting curiosity and inspiring wonder.

I’ve been greatly helped by online sources for photography tips and techniques. To show my appreciation, I try to make note of how I captured images, including camera settings for each picture. I post pictures in high resolution without watermarks, so you can share them or use them as wallpapers.

I’ll try to update this website frequently with more pictures. No guarantees, but I’d like to get new pictures up every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It will be a mix of new photos, and pictures I’ve taken over the last years.

Unless otherwise noted, images are not photoshopped – but they are frequently post-processed. That means that I use software like Adobe Lightroom to adjust exposure, contrast, and colors. Almost always, this is for relatively minor changes. Occasionally, I will use more dramatic editing for stylistic results, but this will be obvious and clearly noted.

In short, if it looks like a photo, that’s what it looked like in person. My goal is to show the beauty that already exists in our world, not to create new beauty.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and would love to hear any feedback or questions. Thank you for viewing!