So, evidently, I can automatically add a pretty border to my images – but I need to fix the code to make the images automagically correctly sized for the posts! This is a headache. But it’s a good one to learn with, so I’ll work on it. It seems like I’m perpetually at 90% of this website ready, and that little 10% just stays. The second I fix one thing, I find another that needs work… Like my gallery doesn’t have page buttons… Anyway. This picture was from Santa Cruz, at a Frisbee golf course. I hauled my frisbees all the way with me on a week-long trip just for this – and it was worth it. Unfortunately, I didn’t lick a banana slug, and my focus was on the plant where I had hoped for it to be a little closer – but I took this as she was walking, and sometimes getting that shot RIGHT NOW is better than trying to get everything perfect.


ISO 400, 50mm, f/3.2, 1/200